If you have any questions or comments for the REMEZCLA team in Atlanta, Georgia please reach out to Michael Turner at michaelturner@gatech.edu.

Atlanta Team

To learn more about our Puerto Rico Team, please visit their webpage here.

To learn more about The Findings Group, please visit their webpage here.


Diley Hernández, Ph.D

Principal Investigator (Institute Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion)

Email: dhernandez31@ceismc.gatech.edu


Image of Doug Edwards

Douglas Edwards, Ph.D. (Retired)

Co-Principal Investigator (CEISMC)

Email: doug.edwards@ceismc.gatech.edu


Image of Jason Freeman

Jason Freeman, Ph.D.

Co-Principal Investigator (School of Music)

Email: jason.freeman@gatech.edu


Image of Jayma Koval

Jayma Koval

Co-Principal Investigator (CEISMC)

Email: jayma.koval@ceismc.gatech.edu


Photo of Jorge Cervantes

Jorge Hernandez Cervantes

Program Coordinator (CEISMC)

Email: jcervantes31@gatech.edu


Image of Jyoti Kaneria

Jyoti Kaneria, Ph.D.

Research Associate (Institute Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion)

Email: jyoti.kaneria@gatech.edu


Image of Michael Turner

Michael Turner

Program Coordinator (CEISMC)

Email: michaelturner@gatech.edu


Image of Stacy Byous

Stacy Byous, Ph.D.

Curriculum Developer (CEISMC)

Email: sbyous30@gatech.edu


Image of Stephen Garrett

Stephen Garrett

Research Associate (School of Music)

Email: garrett@gatech.edu


Image of Ana Garcia

Ana Garcia

Student Assistant, 2020 - 2023

Image of Ben Franco

Ben Franco

Student Assistant, 2020 - 2023