If you have any questions or comments for the REMEZCLA team in Atlanta, Georgia please reach out to Michael Turner at michaelturner@gatech.edu.

Atlanta Team

To learn more about our Puerto Rico Team, please visit their webpage here.


Diley Hernández, Ph.D

Principle Investigator (Institute Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion)

Email: dhernandez31@ceismc.gatech.edu

Phone: 404-894-6310

Image of Doug Edwards

Douglas Edwards, Ph.D.

Co-Principle Investigator (CEISMC)

Email: doug.edwards@ceismc.gatech.edu

Phone: 404-894-0777

Image of Jason Freeman

Jason Freeman, Ph.D.

Co-Principle Investigator (School of Music)

Email: jason.freeman@gatech.edu

Phone: 404-385-7257

Image of Jayma Koval

Jayma Koval

Research Associate (CEISMC)

Email: jayma.koval@ceismc.gatech.edu

Phone: 404-894-0777

Photo of Jorge Cervantes

Jorge Hernandez Cervantes

Program Coordinator (CEISMC)

Email: jcervantes31@gatech.edu

Phone: 706-864-1400

Image of Jyoti Kaneria

Jyoti Kaneria, Ph.D.

Research Associate (Institute Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion)

Email: jyoti.kaneria@gatech.edu

Phone: 404-894-5990

Image of Michael Turner

Michael Turner

Program Coordinator (CEISMC)

Email: michaelturner@gatech.edu

Phone: 404-894-0777

Image of Stephen Garrett

Stephen Garrett

Research Associate (School of Music)

Email: garrett@gatech.edu

Phone: 404-385-4322

Image of Ana Garcia

Ana Garcia

Student Assistant

Image of Ben Franco

Ben Franco

Student Assistant